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About Us

Who are DramEd?

In a nutshell, DramEd is at the moment one woman passionate about all children growing with confidence in themselves and the World at large.  With a background in theatre and television, Grace uses Puppetry, Drama, Dance and Music to create immersive and interactive experiences for children.

My aim is to connect with as many children as possible and my social objective is to  reach children in poorer social  economic communities. Many children in these communities start school with literacy skills that are an average of 16 months behind children from higher income families and the gap only gets bigger as the years go on. I want all children to become confident communicators and I recognise that stories play an important role, making learning fun.  “Literacy is an essential skill to enable people to participate fully in society”.

DramEd runs Birthday Parties, After School Clubs and Storytelling Adventures in schools, nurseries and children’s centres – and I also recognise the importance in running classes that strengthen families. 

 DramEd was founded in 2013.

*All DramEd employees have a valid DBS Certificate and are currently training in Makaton (“a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to comunicate.”


“We have engaged Grace Willis and her company, Barefoot Arts, to enhance the delivery of our planned storytelling. Each week Grace liaises with our QTS in order to maximise the learning opportunities leading on from the planned story and to give feedback as early as possible to improve the learning outcomes for our group of children. I would thoroughly recommend Barefoot Arts to any similar Childcare establishment“
Frances De Vivenot – Cybertots.

“From the moment you entered the room, the children were absolutely enthralled by your creative and engaging method of delivery. Each child regardless of their ability, cultural background or level of English beamed with joy while interacting with you and working their way through the story. You turned everyday learning into a magical experience. One of the teachers said it was like watching an actress on television.”
Jeremy Hannay – Assistant Head teacher Three Bridges