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DramEd Educators collaborate with Schools and Nurseries to turn everyday learning into a magical adventure. We are specialists in engaging children through the Performing Arts, enhancing core subjects by unlocking creative expression in a way that makes learning fun, playful and experiential.

We compliment the teaching of core subjects through our unique structure which applies socio-dramatic play, games, stories, puppetry, music, movement and dance. Within each DramEd programme you will find that all of our props, dance routines, songs and stories are delivered with a gentle, mindful and age-appropriate approach. DramEd Educators come from performing backgrounds and bring characters to life as if they’re going for an Oscar, sing as if going for a Grammy and dance as if they are competing on Britain’s Got Talent...all in your classroom! We offer PPA cover, regular and one-off classes in Schools & Nurseries as well as other formal and informal settings.

Pre-primary classes include Number Fun™ for maths, Phonics & Drama with Lilly and Larry™ and Toddle Fit™ for dance and sport. Primary Workshops are developed around topics and themes.

Lilly and Larry

*Early Years 
*Story-based Adventures 
*Drama games 
*Speech & Language exercises
*Puppets and Props 
*A qualified Performing Educator  

Lets Go!

Number Fun

*Early Years 
* Themed Math Songs  
* Weekly Problem solving  
*Topic based Story
* Fun Props 
*A qualified Performing Educator  

Lets Go!

Toddle Fit Dance

 *Early Years 
 *Dance-movement routines 
 *Upbeat Nursery Rhymes  
 *Upbeat Hits (That grownups love too) 
 *A qualified Performing Educator  

Lets Go!

Toddle Fit Sport

*Early Years 
*Interactive football adventures 
 *Drama based learning  
 *Mini Footballs  
 *Mini Goal 
 *A qualified Performing Educator  

Lets Go!


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Welcome to DramEd

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist as we grow up” Pablo Picasso

Check out our brand new drama education workshop! ‘Book a visit from the Past’:


Welcome to DramEd!

DramEd is an interactive educational entertainment company for children and families. Our creative arts workshops are delivered to nurture imaginations and bring learning to life.  Our team love to do this and do it well through the creative and expressive arts. DramEd creates educational entertainment for;

  • Nurseries
  • Schools
  • Corporate events
  • Museums and historic buildings.

“Tell me and I’ll Forget, Teach me and I may Remember, Show me and I’ll Learn”

We have a team of artists who take care of projects and learning goals, from research through to scripting and delivery.


Interested in Birthday Parties?

For birthday parties check out our sister company, Cat in the Hat Entertainment!

Bespoke Imaginative Children’s Events and Parties nurturing imagination with your child’s favourite character and Drama, Dance, Fun and Games. All centred around fun, fun and more fun!