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About Us

Welcome to DramEd!

Grace has lead thousands of children through creative based educational workshops since DramEd’s conception back in 2015, having worked with over 30 schools and nurseries, children’s theatres across the UK and corporate clients which include some of UK’s most popular shopping centres and Google, which in turn recently had DramEd featured on the BBC. Grace, with a background as an actress, performing in theatres ranging from The Battersea Arts Centre to The National Theatre, on Channel 4 and again on BBC, it was a chance experience as an 11 year old, after a month long stint at a famous theatre school which ended prematurely due to a lack of family funds, that became the catalyst to her passion for making the arts accessible to all children. 

Developed from the ground up with support of The Princes Trust in 2015, Grace has more recently began to broaden her reach to children, regardless of background, granting them permission to unleash their unique gifts through their creative expression, using performance and role-play based learning to continue to engage children experientially.

At DramEd we teach and explore the world through Drama, Music and Role-Play.

We want ALL children to have access to the arts, ALWAYS! Our DramEd Educators literally perform their way through each topic. We sing, dance and use role-play based learning to engage children in a way that makes learning fun and experiential, every single time.