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Become a DramEd Entrepreneur

Is your key strength in acting, singing, or dance?

Could you benefit from a career that uses your creative gifts? 

We know there are a lot of talented performing artists, who are very often underappreciated, by being paid or offered work well below their worth and skillset. Performers tend to be resilient individuals, who are confident and committed to their craft, yet after training they find themselves having to take up work that doesn't value their qualifications or talents in the arts. With an average of 37,000 Performing Artists in the UK, only 10% are employed with the majority of us eventually shelving our dreams for a “proper job”.

But, not any more…

The world is changing fast, and there are many ways to make your dreams become a reality. With a growing amount of industries benefiting from personable skills,  the children's educational sectors gain a lot from Performing Educators. If you would like to learn more about merging your passion and profession in informal and formal classroom settings, then we can help you to work on your own terms, full time or part time, charge your worth, and still do the work that brings you joy!

You could offer a variety of services and charge a rate which reflects your skills - We won’t take a penny of it!

We passionately believe every child should have access to quality education, regardless of their abilities, or their parents’ income. We also believe we can play a part in modernising children’s education, by showing just how effective the creative arts can be in improving a child’s learning experience. We want to see DramEd teaching core subjects creatively in schools and nurseries all over the world and we want DramEd to provide fruitful careers to performing educators everywhere.

If you’ve built up your career as a performer, you may well have entrepreneurial qualities and not even know it! The fact that you’re reading this message, means that with the right support, you could  be a mighty entrepreneur on four figure weeks.

Our mission is to play a significant role in modernising education and revolutionising the careers of artists who teach!

If you are excited by the idea of running your own business which pays well, merging your passion and profession, whilst still making time for other things that bring you joy - then explore becoming a DramEd Educator today!

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