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Nursery Classes

DramEd delivers a variety of preschool classes, which support core early learning goals through the creative arts, and by merging curricular and co-curricular subjects into one class.

Each session engages the imagination through rhyme, repetition, stories, games and a visiting puppet!

Building happy memories and creating a sense of adventure.

We have programmes for:







123 Number FUN

Young children learn especially well through songs, rhymes and play. 123 Number FUN™ is developed with carefully selected rhymes, exercises and stories, which highlight that maths is literally all around us!

Our 123 Number FUN™ sessions inspire maths through play by showing children maths is in everything we do.

Early Years practioners will find there are lots of ideas to bounce off from too!

Our 123 Number FUN™ programme is unique to DramEd. We have spent many years formulating the very best ways to inspire a preschool love for maths, which we hope will help fuel a love for maths through the rest of our children’s education, and beyond!

Stories and Drama with Lilly & Larry:

Using a fun and memorable approach, with an emphasis on interactive games, Lilly & Larry help to develop speech, listening and understanding.

Our sessions apply drama and role play to explore each story.

We love stories at DramEd (and of course we are mad about drama). So, we have a repertoire of the best children’s stories, and are always on the lookout for more!

Lilly and Larry are two monkey puppets, who love adventures!

Every DramEd Performing Educator™ will always arrive with Lilly and Larry for consistency…a very important element for early years groups.

Toddle Fit:

Toddle Fit™ is a preschool programme, which introduces sport concepts to young children. Each class focuses on a master move, and each class has a story built into it, which will inspire young children on a journey through sport and dance.

We deliver Toddle Fit Dance™ and Toddle Fit Football™.

Toddle Fit Dance™ uses a mixture of nursery rhymes and more modern pop hits.

We use lots of props, dance, and imaginative play to develop spatial awareness.

Each session ends with some yoga stretches, and mindfulness.

We find teachers absolutely love this session too!

Toddle Fit Football ™ uses football concepts.

Recommended age: Toddle Fit Dance™: 1-5 years.  Toddle Fit Football™: 3-5 years.