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Nursery Classes

DramEd collaborate with nurseries to turn everyday learning into a magical adventure.

Our classes build a strong foundation in early education; engaging young children through the expressive arts, such as music, drama, dance and puppetry.  Through our delivery we support nursery managers and practitoners in creating a stimulating and enabling environment for effective learning, by inspiring new ideas, games, stories and exercises to continue using after we have left!

Our programs are developed to find a balance of adult-led and explorative opportunities for the children in your setting. Simple house-hold objects can hold much more value for children than expensive high-end resources, although DramEd Educators arrive with an array of props, we also take any opportunity to use the props in your setting to play a part in our games and exercises, meaning nursery managers and practitioners can return back to the activity when the DramEd Educator has left!

DramEd Educators deliver a variety of preschool and primary school classes to support early learning goals in a way that encourages children to unleash their unique gifts through their creative expression, using performance and socio-dramatic drama to engage children experientially in core subjects including Maths and Literacy!

Our programmes include;






DramEd’s Number FUN™

Educational settings can book a DramEd Educator to explore maths concepts with DramEd’s Number Fun™. Preschoolers will be introduced to maths through interactive games, rhythm and rhymes, a mathematical story and an unforgettable maths song each week! This session highlights maths is all around us and in everything we do!

Each session follows a formula which includes a welcome song, interactive math songs, group exercises, the use of special props, an opportunity to explore the concept in your environment and a related maths story each week.

“The World we live in, is full of mathematics. Humans are born mathematical, with even the youngest babies,  showing mathematical awareness, and yet in this world which is rich in maths, many adults feel intimidated by the mere mention of the subject.”

Number Fun, aims to introduce a healthy awareness around how maths is used in the most simplest of tasks. Through our programs we aim to build life long enthusiasm on the subject, with children developing a positive perspective. Our classes have been found to not just support children but also be a catalyst for mathematical conversation, fun and games between children, parents and teachers too!

Our Formula, 

Most classes are planned to be 45 minutes, and introduce a subject each week, sparking conversations and exploration after we have left. 

For the typical 45 minute class, we introduce welcome songs, mathematical songs and exercises. 

Some of the Topics introduced through song, story and play include: 

  • Shapes
  • 3D Shapes 
  • Cardinal Numbers
  • The Number Line
  • Counting in one’s
  • Counting in two’s 
  • Counting in 5’s 
  • Addition
  • Doubling 
  • Pairs
  • Concept of a Million
  • Sharing 
  • Comparing Weight
  • Subtraction
  • More than Less than
  • Sorting 
  • Time
  • Measuring
  • Ordinal Numbers

Phonics and Drama with Lilly & Larry:

We love stories at DramEd and of course we are mad about drama.

We collaborate with schools and nurseries to build on literacy skills, strengthening verbal & non verbal communication through Phonics & Drama with Lilly and Larry™. In every session children are led through exercises that build on their phonological awareness and through socio-dramatic play we bring a story to life!

DramEd Educators start the class with a welcome song and some drama based games to build class confidence. We then lead vocal warm ups with sentences and sounds which are great for speech development. A phoneme and grapheme is at the core of every class, which will be a sound that is prevalent in our story of the week. We have a repertoire of the best children’s stories to bring to life in your classroom and are always on the lookout for more. We are happy to deliver a session based on a story that is suggested to us. Our sessions apply drama and role play to explore each story.

Lilly and Larry™ are two monkey puppets who love adventures! Every DramEd Educator arrives to your setting with Lilly and Larry for consistency…a very important element for early years groups!

Toddle Fit™:

Toddle Fit™ is a preschool programme which introduces sport concepts to young children. Each class focuses on a master move and is created to inspire young children on a journey through sport and dance. We deliver Toddle Fit Dance™ and Toddle Fit Football™.

We provide Dance-Exercise based classes and Football classes with Toddle Fit Dance™ and Toddle Fit Football™.

Toddle Fit Dance™ includes a mixture of funky nursery rhymes and child-friendly radio hits celebrating songs from the 60’s through to the present day. DramEd Educators engage with children using and apporach that is mindful of emotions and physical needs.

Our formula and each class consists of: 

  • An imagination that makes learning dance moves memorable!
  • Props 
  • Warm Up 
  • Master Move
  • Stretch and Baby Yoga

Benefits include:

  • The release of endorphines and oxytocin (the feel good hormones).
  • Supports hand, eye coordination
  • Encourages body management
  • Enhances concentration and motivation
  • Balance 
  • Builds strength and agility 
  • Increases confidence

Recommended Class Length: 30 minutes

Toddle Fit Football ™  teaches the skills necessary to play football, through the use of lots of props and using a fun and memorable approach.

Recommended age: Toddle Fit Dance™: 1-5 years.  Toddle Fit Football™: 3-5 years.