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Nursery Classes

DramEd Educators deliver a variety of preschool and primary school classes to support early learning goals in a way that encourages children to unleash their unique gifts through their creative expression, using performance and role-play to engage children experientially in core subjects including Maths and History!

Our programmes include;







Number FUN

Number FUN classes are 45 minute sessions developed with math songs and rhymes, exercises and stories which highlight maths all around us!

Each session follows a formula which includes a welcome song, interactive math songs, groups exercises using special props, an opportunity to explore the concept in your environment and a related maths story each week. DramEd Educators make each topic fun using role play and music which we hope will help fuel a love for maths through the rest of our children’s education and beyond!

Phonics and Drama with Lilly & Larry:

We love stories at DramEd and of course we are mad about drama. Each session begins with a welcome song and some drama based games to build class confidence. We then lead a vocal warm up with sentences and sounds which are great for speech development. A phoneme is at the core of every class, which will be a sound that is prevalent in our story of the week. We have a repertoire of the best children’s stories to bring to life in your classroom and are always on the lookout for more. We are happy to deliver a session based on a story that is suggested to us. Our sessions apply drama and role play to explore each story.

Lilly and Larry™ are two monkey puppets who love adventures! Every DramEd Educator arrives to your setting with Lilly and Larry for consistency…a very important element for early years groups.

Toddle Fit:

Toddle Fit™ is a preschool programme which introduces sport concepts to young children. Each class focuses on a master move and has a story built into it which will inspire young children on a journey through sport and dance. We deliver Toddle Fit Dance™ and Toddle Fit Football™.

Toddle Fit Dance™ uses a mixture of nursery rhymes and more modern pop hits. We arrive with lots of props and mini routines to develop spatial awareness, completing the session with stretches and mindfulness . This session is great in the mornings but works wonders at any point during the day. We find teachers absolutely love this session too!

Toddle Fit Football ™  teaches the skills necessary to play football, through the use of lots of props and using a fun and memorable approach.

Recommended age: Toddle Fit Dance™: 1-5 years.  Toddle Fit Football™: 3-5 years.