Nursery & Preschool Classes

Our weekly classes for nurseries, preschools and other early years settings promote the development of young children by creatively engaging them in the 7 areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) through high-quality performing arts.

These popular preschool classes captivate children’s imaginations, bringing subjects to life and making learning FUN!

What’s more, we’ve designed them to support nursery managers and practitioners, inspiring you with new ideas, games, stories and exercises you can continue to use and explore long after we’ve left.

And although your DramEd teacher will always bring an assortment of props with them, they’ll also use any relevant props in your setting – which means your staff can easily revisit the activity in their own time.

Our Programmes

You can choose from a number of programmes covering preschool maths, literacy, and physical development: Number Fun , Lilly & Larry Love Literacy, and Toddle Fit.

Each one incorporates music, dance, song, and storytelling to make learning fun for everyone.

There’s lots of benefits to learning through the performing arts – not least of which is that it gets everyone on their feet and moving around.

Which means that as well as keeping fit and healthy, the children in your setting will also burn off lots of excess energy, too!

The Benefits

As well as helping get little ones school-ready, all our preschool programmes share the same benefits:

  • develops their fine & gross motor skills
  • improves their hand-eye coordination
  • nurtures their social skills
  • fosters creativity
  • enhances their speaking & listening skills
  • encourages self-expression

Our Teachers

DramEd teachers are all highly-talented performers who are simply AMAZING with children! They all share a passion for learning through the performing arts and use their abilities as singers, dancers, and actors to make learning fun.

They’re all DBS-checked and have Public Liability Insurance, as well as the relevant music licences needed to legally play music in your setting.

Staff training days

We also offer training days specifically for staff within nurseries. These sessions help build staff morale, as well as teach new ways of getting little ones engaged in learning.

Choose from:

  • Effective communication with Parents, Pupils and Peers
  • How to Make Story Time Fun and Interesting
  • Engaging Children in Learning through Drama


If you’re looking for a children’s party for your early years setting, we can help!

From storytelling adventures, to arts & crafts and pop-up puppetry shows, we can deliver a magical party where children can run wild with their imaginations!

“Working with DramEd is a dream! Our children love her and look forward to her sessions, as well as the practitioners. We find ourselves singing her songs all the time, as they’re so catchy and fun. The best result of working with her is that all of my preschoolers have a better understanding of different maths concepts. They have been learning about weight recently, which has been fun and easy for them to understand. We often take the sessions that she runs and incorporate her activities into our room planning! We wouldn’t improve anything, other than wanting her here all the time! Thank you so much, from me, my team and my little preschoolers.” Jade, Preschool Room Leader – DramEd in Nurseries