What Schools Are Saying

“From the moment you entered the room, the children were absolutely enthralled by your creative and engaging method of delivery. Each child regardless of their ability, cultural background or level of English beamed with joy while interacting with you and working their way through the story. You turned everyday learning into a magical experience. One of the teachers said it was like watching an actress on television.Jeremy Hannay – Head Teacher Three Bridges 

“Our girls loved having DramEd in to work with them. Their activities were exciting and engaging from start to finish. Grace has a natural ability to bring out the best in children it was wonderful to see our girls thrive. Thanks for coming” Rebecca Cox – St. Helen’s Independent Girls school 

“Hi there, Thank you so much for Kyra’s visit yesterday. Firstly, wow, what a voice! She was brilliant with the children and the workshop length was just perfect.” Ms Brown

“It was so great watching the story telling of the Anansi tale and listening to the use of the drum – The children loved it” !! Ms Stephens

“What you did was great and linked nicely to our theme in class”  Kate MacIntyre – Heathfields Academy

“The children loved the engaging visitor, the music, active nature of the session and simple slide show. They really developed their understanding of the origins of the carnival – It extended and enriched as well as supported the teaching goals of my class. An experience they and myself will never forget!” Camilla Thompson – Heathfields Academy 

What Nurseries Are Saying

“Working with DramEd is a dream! Our children love Gracie-May and look forward to her sessions, as well as the practitioners. We find ourselves singing her songs all the time, as they’re so catchy and fun. The best result of working with her is that all of my preschoolers have a better understanding of different maths concepts. They have been learning about weight recently, which has been fun and easy for them to understand. We often take the sessions that she runs and incorporate her activities in to our room planning! We wouldn’t improve anything, other than wanting her here all the time! Thank you so much, from me, my team and my little preschoolers” – Jade, Preschool room leader.

What Children Are Saying

“I loved that it was fun and interesting , I learnt a lot”- Cheryl 

“I would definitely recommend the workshop because it’s interesting and that’s really cool to do the dancing (I mostly enjoyed the dancing with the FREE STYLE) oh also I learnt a lot about black people BEFORE the Slavery.”Daniel

“I had an amazing time at the workshop”- Spencer

“I liked how first we did a dancing session. My favourite thing was ancient Ethiopia. I enjoyed learning about Africa before slavery. Yes I learnt that in Sierra Leone diamonds are found under the ground. I would recommend it for other children.”Fareed

“I’ve learnt a lot in this Workshop. So the bit I liked was the dancing and what I’ve learnt are countries, rich people ,and gold growing in floors” – Maytham


“Thank you Kyra for inspiring us.”
“You have an amazing voice!”
“Say hi to Sigala from us.”
“Thank you for coming to our school.”

What Parents & Carers Are Saying About Our Online Lock down Events.

The soca session on Tuesday was so fun (for us both), thank you! It was totally accessible and so sweet to see all the children dancing away with their flags too. This was a new style of dancing for A and she was totally into it. I was dancing away out of shot, remembering my bestie who loved soca. Thanks again, Steffi and Alice 

Thalia has really enjoyed the classes. She has been saying how lovely you are, so all positive feedback from us here. She isn’t in today which is the only reason she isn’t doing the singing class. It’s such a great resource for her so thank you so much for putting this together. Thanks       Dan and Thalia

Soca dance and Afro beats dance My daughter really enjoyed both dance workshops. They were well delivered, simple fun, really supportive. She loved learning about the history of carnival performance, and how different dance moves in the Afro beats routine relate to different areas in Africa. It was a great opportunity for her to connect and understand some African and Caribbean culture. Kristy Oliver

My big girl has loved the @dramed_uk singing and dance sessions. Thank you for giving her something to be excited about every day this half term. Invictawriters

Hi! I just want to say a big thank you for the wonderful zoom classes you put on this week! My daughter has really enjoyed them. It’s just us two at home so she probably would have been very bored otherwise! Thank you! X

Hi Grace, — has been enjoying the workshops. It’s the first time she has been exposed to soca dancing and she has been having so much fun. I feel this is an amazing way to introduce the children to their heritage and to have fun with other children. Thank you so much for organising.

Hello Grace This is Angeline, (Glitter) mum. Just wanted to let you know she had an amazing time and is looking forward to tomorrow’s session. Angeline, (Glitter) mum