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School Workshops

We are passionate about advancing the education of children through music and arts, because we believe all children should have access to high quality art forms regardless of background. We have a network of over 6,000 creative practitioners who spark curiosity and set the scene for future learning. This means that not all of our workshops are created in-house as we are happy to source the best practitioner for the job!

Our aim is to lead your pupils through a cross-curricular workshop that offers children the opportunity to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the topic at hand, all whilst inspiring teachers with fresh ideas to continue using within the classroom. Using performing arts in a lesson is an effective way of teaching, whilst creating children with the opportunity to form new connections, be creative, develop confidence and vital physical, communication and language skills.

How it works?

Our school workshop model is made to get you the most effective workshop suited to your requirements and budget. You send us an enquiry and we will respond with a complimentary proposal of a bespoke workshop or one we have facilitated already. We offer workshops on a majority of topics and subjects, making booking a great workshop simple! Click here to submit your workshop enquiry.

Our workshops are delivered by highly-skilled practitioners and are created using music, art, storytelling and various other forms.

We've created workshops on:

  • African History Before Slavery
  • The Windrush Generation
  • Anansi the Spider
  • I Can Do It Too - Motivational workshops for Key Stage 2
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Shakespeare
  • What Makes Britain Great
  • Prehistoric Age
  • Roman Britain
  • Anglo-Saxons
  • Vikings
  • Middle Ages
  • Tudor and Stuarts
  • Georgians
  • Victorians
  • World War One
  • World War Two
  • Ancient Greece

Workshops can be booked as a regular visit to support a topic, as a stand-alone workshop, or effective PPA cover!

Tell us what your looking for and we'll send you a complimentary proposal. 


“From the moment you enter the classroom the children are absolutely enthralled by your creative and engaging method of delivery. Each child regardless of their ability, cultural background or level of English beams with joy whilst interacting with you and working their way through the stories. You turn everyday learning into a magical adventure. One of the teachers said it’s like watching an actress on television.” Mr Hannay, Head teacher

“On Friday we had Kyra come and sing for the children and she was just fabulous, sokind natured and really inspiring. She sang
to the older children in our school and they were all blown away with her talents. She got some of the children to come and sing using the microphone which they LOVED” Ms Mckay, Heathfields School - DramEd in schools

“Today went really well! The children enjoyed exploring Macbeth and the performance was fantastic. Claire was great - enthusiastic, flexible and fun!" Teacher, Grange School, DramEd in Schools

“Yesterday was fantastic. The feedback from the teachers is all positive (as always!). I barely got a chance to come to the hall as I was busy in Y6, but when I did, the children sounded like they had a fantastic time. Joseph was a pleasure to meet. I am not sure our children have ever or will ever get to do a drama session with a black male, if I am allowed to say. These experiences are so very important to us as a school and we thankyou for the opportunity. Next year, in May, we have planned an international week with the theme ‘Stories from Home’.” DramEd in Schools


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